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Yazmina Ruiz
  • Community Events

    Churn & Burn - Delray - A1A - Your Pace!!!

    Chainwheelers of Palm Beach

    This ride goes either north or south on A1A dependent upon the wishes of the group. All levels and skill sets welcome. Groups will typically split into three levels which generally break along the lines of 17 to 20+, 14 to 17ish, and 13 and below...

    Practice Tai Chi

    Delray Boca Taichi and Kungfu

    What I am planning to do for that day: 1) 5 to 10 minute stretching warm up session 2) 15 - 20 minutes of breathing exercises 3) The rest of the 1st hour would be spent on learning a Tai Chi form , either Yang, Chen or Master Wu's Tai Chi. Things...

    Hockey Practice - All Levels Welcome

    Palm Beach Underwater Hockey Club

    Bring a mask, snorkel and fins. We have extra gear if you need anything. We supply new players with headgear, glove and practice sticks.

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