Real Estate in South Florida
Yazmina Ruiz
  • Community Events

    Children & Divorce - Redirecting Behavior and Co-parenting

    A New Leaf, A Divorce Workshop

    Joining me in this workshop is Rochelle Strauss, Co-parenting Coach that will discuss the different aspects of re-directing children's behavior in different stages of divorce (before, during and post) and focusing on four mistaken goals of...

    Teachings of the Masters Channeling Group

    Teachings of the Masters Channeling Group

    The Masters will give a 15 minute teaching, which is followed by a vibrational attunement. After this, they will tune into each participant to share insights that are for your best and highest good and/ or alternatively, you are welcome to ask...

    Italian Night at Carrabba’s

    Young stroke survivors of South Florida

    Enjoy good food and drinks surrounded by wonderful people

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